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Sep 29, 2022 

Partnership Announcement: DeepKey Data to Bring Scalar's Universal Transaction Management into the North American Market

Scalar DB Primary Use Cases

  • Transaction Manager For Heterogeneous Databases: Ensuring Unified Transactions Across Multiple Database Types

  • Database Abstraction: Database Migration Without Any Modification to the Existing or New Database

  • Transaction Manager for NoSQL: Ensuring NoSQL Databases Become ACID Compliant


San Francisco, Calif. & Tokyo, Japan - DeepKey Data, Inc. is pleased to announce a partnership with Scalar, Inc. to bring Scalar’s universal transaction management technology, Scalar DB, into the North American market. 

At DeepKey Data we understand technology and just as importantly, we understand what it means to enter foreign markets. Whether expanding into North America or expanding into Asia, the hurdles to market entry are unique to each organization and region. Our mission is to bring innovative game-changing technologies into new markets. With Scalar we see something very special, a technology that every business at its core can benefit from, supported and developed by a truly amazing and dedicated team. We are honored to be partnered with Scalar, Inc. to help them on their journey to grow by bringing their technology and services into North America. 

Scalar, Inc. is a Japan-based startup providing accelerated digital transformation through its universal transaction management technology, Scalar DB. This innovative technology provides database agnostic transaction management, at scale. Scalar DB achieves ACID transactions across heterogeneous databases ensuring a high level of serializability and data correctness across multiple databases including RDBMSs and non-transactional databases (NoSQL).

What problem does Scalar DB solve?

Organizations utilize different databases for various operational purposes. One of the common and difficult challenges with data architecture is the ability to merge disparate data sources on separate database systems while maintaining data integrity. Whether it’s for maintaining security, ACID compliance, data chain of custody, full/partial consent, inventory management, or database migrations, Scalar DB’s light-weight technology ensures that your data is preserved accurately, at speed, and scale, so that business operations can function efficiently and as expected.

Data Integrity

It’s common to have transactions that span numerous databases. The potential for data loss, inaccurate data being stored, and inconsistencies in data replication or distributed databases are quite common and costly. Scalar DB ensures a high level of serializability and data correctness, so what your user is seeing and what is being written back to all of your data sources remains accurate and consistent at all times. 


Zero App Modifications

Whether you are migrating your database to the cloud or another on-premise database, the changes you make in your data architecture need to be reflected in front-end applications. Using Scalar DB allows you to migrate to new databases without having to modify or make any changes in your application layer. 

Scalar, Inc. is co-founded by Wataru Fukatsu, CEO & COO and Hiroyuki Yamada, CTO & Research Fellow at University of Tokyo. The company is headquartered with a development center out of Tokyo, Japan and provide high quality, extremely dependent, and highly responsive services to their customers. Whether on the cloud, on-premise, or within your Kubernetes environments, Scalar provides both a Scalar DB Docker container and a Helm chart for Scalar DB, both which are lightweight, easily scalable, and can be easily installed onto your environments.

Scalar DB provides database-agnostic transactions for:

Cassandra, HBase, Amazon DynamoDB, Azure Cosmos DB, MySQL, PostgresSQL, Oracle Database, SQL Server, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, GraphQL, SQL-like I/F, and ScyllaDB


Near future roadmap includes:

Adapters for MongoDB, Kafka, and others


DeepKey Data, Inc. will work collaboratively with Scalar Inc. to help bring its innovations and proven customer track record into new overseas markets. DeepKey Data, partners with Scalar and provides a wide range of services to help expand their global presence. Our goal is the long-term success of our customers in new markets by carefully forging strong lasting relationships between customers and vendors. 

“We believe that expanding into the U.S. is a very important strategy for middleware software like ours. If we keep our software in Japan, we lose the opportunity to share what we have created and we believe that many companies can benefit from our technology. We also believe that integration with U.S. software is very important for Japanese companies to adopt, and we think that we need to be exposed to the U.S. market in order to make steady progress in this area. In most cases, U.S. software companies are expanding into Japan. Our goal is to go out from Japan to the U.S. and produce software that will be used worldwide. We believe it is significant for our company to be able to approach the U.S. market together with DeepKey Data, which knows the Japanese and U.S. markets.”

Wataru Fukatsu

Co-founder, CEO & COO, Scalar, Inc.

“Our products are designed to be used in a global market from the beginning, so we are very excited to expand our business to the U.S. market. We believe U.S. companies have stronger opinions about good products and are more aggressive in using good products, so we expect we can get a lot of feedback from such companies and accelerate the market adaptation of our products.”

Hiroyuki Yamada

Co-founder, CEO & CTO, Scalar, Inc.

Why North America and Why Now?

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