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What is the cost of going global?



DeepKey Data Announces Partnership With Scalar

DeepKey Data to bring Scalar’s Universal Transaction Management into the North American market.


Whether you are running a tech start-up or an established tech company, expanding globally is crucial to reaching a wider audience and adapting to your growing international client needs. Expanding globally, however, can be a costly endeavor and you may hit some unexpected bumps along the way. Whether your challenges are in localizing your products and collateral, strategizing for overseas growth, recruiting the right talent, or tackling technology gaps and critical product escalations, DeepKey Data partners with you at both a business level and a technology level to help you on your global growth journey.


DeepKey not only helped connect my team with a major Japanese IT firm but their insight into the Japanese culture, their foreign language presentation skills, as well as business interpretation services were critical in being able to establish a strong relationship with the Japanese company.

Don Springer

Founder, Launch Sciences

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